The Berlin Perennial Plant Market is finally in bloom again!

20. Sept. 2023

The Berlin Perennial Plant Market has been one of the most beautiful and respected plant markets in Germany for over two decades. Healthy plants from traditional family farms and nurseries take centre stage and attract plant lovers from all over the region. Here they look for unusual things for the garden, balcony, terrace, pot and bed.

The Berlin Perennial Plant Market not only presents lots of green and flowering plants, it also offers a wide range of advice and knowledge. Guests will find beautiful and practical things for the gardener’s heart: handicraft treasures, culinary delights in organic quality and a lively market atmosphere with a small cultural and family programme invite you to a relaxed weekend visit.

There was a corona-related break from 2020 to 2023. Now a group of perennial market lovers has joined forces to revive the Berlin Perennial Market. In spring 2024, the Berlin Perennial Market will finally take place again – with a new host, the Domäne Dahlem. The successful classic concept will be given a fresh country look with the new location, while the offerings will remain as quality-conscious and extensive as ever.

The meeting point is the large courtyard of the Domäne Dahlem with its gastronomic, informative and cultural offerings, shops and workshops. This is followed by a long circuit of field paths where numerous stalls display their treasures. The Domäne Dahlem is known far beyond the Berlin district as a farm estate and is barely 1,000 metres from the Botanical Garden.



6 and 7 April 2024, as always on the first weekend in April.

Opening hours:
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

New Address:
Domäne Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Strasse 49, 14195 Berlin

Cash desks at the Königin-Luise-Straße entrance and at the Podbielskiallee underground station

Public transport:
Underground U3 (U-Bhf. Dahlem Dorf); Bus 110 (Domäne Dahlem station);
Bus M11 (Station U Dahlem-Dorf); Bus X83 (Station U Dahlem-Dorf)

10,- Euro, advance booking from December 2023 a 8,- Euro

Presented by: Gärtnerhof GmbH, Market planning: Strauchpoeten GbR,

Organiser: Domäne Dahlem in cooperation with Runze & Casper Advertising Agency GmbH

Latest news and important informations

It has been impossible to imagine Berlin without the well-known Berlin Perennial Plant Market for decades. Healthy and special plants from traditional nurseries attract up to 20,000 plant lovers from all over the region. Here they look for unusual and interesting things for gardens and terraces – away from the mass-produced green goods.

The Berlin Perennial Plant Market presents not only perennials, but also woody plants and a wide range of advice and knowledge, handicraft treasures, culinary delights and family-friendly entertainment.

Unfortunately, there was a corona-related break from 2020 to 2023. But that is now over, because on the first weekend in April 2024 we will continue this tradition with a spring market. As the Botanical Garden is currently unavailable due to renovation work, we are moving without further ado to the nearby and equally well-known Domäne Dahlem. The Hofgut is barely 1,000 metres away from the Botanical Garden and easy to reach via the Dahlem Dorf or Podbielskiallee underground stations.

The successful classical concept is given a welcome change with the new location, where there is much to discover. The offers remain quality-conscious and extensive as always, you will find your favourite gardeners and traders here again.


About the perennial market

Natural growth
After more than two decades of Berlin perennial markets in the Botanical Garden and almost 40 individual events, this motto applies both to the series of events itself and to the offer that the organizers make to visitors: plants as close to nature as possible – primarily perennials and woody plants – in diversity and richness of varieties. Everyday items of the best quality, rarities and treasures as well as valuable and sustainable products for home, garden and leisure.

One of the most prestigious markets
Our aim is to offer a wide range of advice and knowledge, to present the latest trends and proven know-how. Because we always want to meet the highest quality standards – and this in conceptual combination with the attractive venue – the Berlin Perennial Market has become a special brand and one of the most respected plant markets in Germany, popular with professionals and private gardeners alike. The necessary move in 2024 to the Domäne Dahlem will, in the long term, become a concept in which both Berlin venues alternate as hosts. The Botanic Garden, with its spectacular tropical house and extensive plant collections, offers a beautiful contrast to the rural, bountiful charm of the Domäne Dahlem city estate.

Our specialty: perennials. Perennials. Perennials.
On 1,000 meters of marrow, garden lovers will find selected „green treasures“ that are otherwise not or only rarely available in Berlin. Nowhere else does the guest meet more growers and family-owned horticultural businesses from all over Germany and neighboring countries united in one place. Nowhere is there more assembled expertise in perennials and woody plants, nowhere more experts in their field – and storytellers who are dedicated to their passion and bring with them many high-quality plants.

For the love of the environment
Step by step we work on our ecological idea. This concerns both site-appropriate plants (also with Bioland recognition) and nature-oriented garden care as well as ecological products for garden, home and leisure. Native materials are presented preferentially. We support peat-free gardening, organic fertilization and insect-friendly gardens. Our „Blossoms in Reusable Bags“ campaign was years ahead of its time. And when guests forget their own bags, we continue to keep reusable bags and boxes on hand. With the Plant Taxi and Plant Parking, we also offer guests the convenient service of temporary parking for the delicate plants they have purchased, so that their stroll can continue without worry.

Culture and information
The focus of our events is the gardener’s heart and the diversity of perennials. This beauty unfolds especially well in a beautifully designed environment. Thus, visitors will find beautiful and practical things for all the senses: handicraft treasures, delicious and healthy things, as well as inspiration for the mind.
Events and a wealth of information are offered on changing themes. Experts will be on hand to offer advice to our public throughout the market. Our idealistic partners such as nature conservation organizations and garden clubs offer deeper insights into their important work. For younger guests, there are creative play opportunities.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the market, the venue with its extensive paths unfolds its full potential as a source of peace and relaxation.

About the history of the market
The initiator of this market event was Vera Güls (†2008), who as managing director of Gärtnerhof GmbH brought the market to life and led it to success as an inspirational source and loving manager. Co-initiator is perennial master Uwe Peglow, who to this day assists the market in an advisory capacity and presents his special range of perennials. Anke Kuckuck was responsible for market conception, visitor promotion and cooperations for many years. After the death of Vera Güls, Clara Luckmann continued market management and press relations. Ivette Grafe and the Strauchpoeten took over market management in 2016 and still provide reliable organizational services to exhibitors.
In 2003, 10,000 visitors were welcomed for the first time. Since 2004, the perennial market has now been held twice a year – and a total of close to 30,000 people come year after year to get advice, inspiration and good care.
In this spirit, the nursery continues to support the market. After the Corona forced break, the team has expanded. From 2024, two new organizers (Domäne Dahlem as host and Runze & Casper Werbeagentur GmbH in marketing) will take over the organization. The format will continue to be presented by Gärtnerhof GmbH. Of course, the Strauchpoeten are also involved, because they know all the providers and logistical challenges.