Gärtnerhof GmbH - Galabau Berlin, Experten für Gartenbau, Gartenpflege, Baumpflege und Gartenplanung

on 6 + 7 April 2019
from 9am to 6pm
the „Berliner Staudenmarkt” herbaceous perennials fair
at the Botanic Garden Berlin–Dahlem

Next Dates:
6 + 7 April 2019
7 + 8 September 2019

admission €6.00
reduced €3.00

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Pflanzwerk Pflanzkübel & Gartenbedarf

Blüten ohne Plastiktüten

Dear visitors to the Berliner Staudenmarkt, 

five years ago, we started our campaign "BLÜTEN IN MEHRWEG-TÜTEN!" ("flowers in re-usable bags" – it sounds better in German!) and it was a big success. Many people helped reduce the flood of disposable plastic bags and some of our visitors got quite creative. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed and helped spread the idea!

Since 2016, a new EU Directive requires that plastic bags must only be handed out for a fee.

All bags at the Staudenmarkt will now be given out for a charge of at least € 0.20 – regardless of which material is used.

Compostable bags cannot be separated out by the waste industry and are burned along with normal waste. The same goes for paper bags. This is why we decided to make it obligatory to charge a fee for all bags throughout the market. At present, the best thing to do is use sturdy bags made from recycled material that can be used again and again. We are in the process of creating a special re-usable bag for the Berliner Staudenmarkt.

One more thing: you can also pick up old plastic bags for re-use at our "Second-hand Stations" at the entrances and at the organisers' stall (Stand 26). And you're very welcome to deposit any plastic bags you no longer need at these stations.